The dark side of dark circles

I’m really upset, will you listen to me?

No! The answer is simple – NO-one has the time to. Not your parents, your friends, or even the dog on the street you regularly feed biscuits to.

All you do is wonder, when did everyone become so selfish? Or you start to blame yourself for not being good enough.

It’s hard to live each day being ignored or not felt like you’re being prioritised. Is the list too long? A. Being cared for B. Loved without wanting anything in return C. Feeling happy

Are these mammoth expectations?

If you’re being honest, these dark circles could be because of obsessing over finishing an entire series on an OTT. Needless to say, you know why these moon holes were born!

All the trauma since childhood, growing up in absolute toxicity, feeding off the negative, thinking of being an underachiever, being bullied, low self-confidence, or absolutely anything shitty that shouldn’t have affected your very soul is the reason you overthink – everything to a point it becomes dark.

You are a happy soul. Not so magical are the reminders like the scene of a movie, where there’s a saving grace running into your arms being your safe haven! Pssh! That will NEVER happen! Politely ignoring the worldly pleasures that others are experiencing, you hide back in your grave of salvation rhetorically remembering the days which should have lasted for ever. Those little days when there were no dark circles and the day you felt like YOU.


8 thoughts on “The dark side of dark circles

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    1. Hey Blanca,
      It’s been so long. How have you been doing?
      Although the artwork isn’t mine, I related so much to it for this piece. Here’s to keep on trying 🌸

      Liked by 1 person

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