Life on EARTH!

What are we doing??? Scrolling through social media 15 second spanning video’s and memes to laugh about our ‘normal day’ whilst another country, possibly a lot more countries are being/going to be affected by this insane crush of our existence as we know it?

We have all been reticent when ongoing battles have been hushed by the media, ignored by the government, and tormented their citizens.

Waking up or merely breathing feels like a privilege in such times. Getting a meal for a day, working not knowing if we would soon perish, and walk about our infinite loop which seems to have desensitised our entire species.

As a race, we can fight-voice opinions, unlike raising a rage in twitter shouting ‘HOW UNFAIR ALL THIS IS” and absolutely doing nothing about it in real life.

Boarding the first class ticket to the Metaverse sounds ideal at this point. All of this is too overwhelming to take and feeling that turmoil of helplessness is leading us nowhere. The wish for the rainbows to shine, and humanity to thrive feels like a distant dream now. Burning ashes, fire to the flame, and dusk to dawn, will be a constant reminder to our future generations of what a bunch of ignoramus imbeciles made it even worse for them to cling to what we now call Life on earth


2 thoughts on “Life on EARTH!

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  1. True that. It irritates me when I see people watching non-sense videos and keep scrolling through social media all day for seeking attention and validation from others. They don’t know and care about what is happening around them and in their country. The least we can do is to raise voices against anything wrong happening so that the people who are doing wrong know that some people are still aware and keeping eye on them.

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    1. I absolutely agree Manoj. The power of the internet is mostly wasted if I may say that by such distractions. It’s also an addiction. Back in the day, we had nature to entertain us and not the screens.
      So voicing the loudest would help. Thanks for always resonating my thoughts 🌸


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