I want (wish) it that way…

At 4 am, I stretched out my arms to find my pillow wrapped around my legs and my arms. I thought it was you. My head under your arm. It was my happy place. I could fall asleep in a second.

I missed you so much at the break of dawn. I wanted to text you right away. But what is the use when you are not mine to say!

I wish it that way!

I was telling my friend the other day about how we met when she asked me if I had ever fallen in love! The question is can I ever fall in love again?

I wish it that way!

Stuck in the past you think? I would never even want to move on! What we had was magical and nothing compares to that for me. How was it that you moved on so soon! Got married and probably might have kids too!

I wish it (wasn’t) that way!

You took my hand and we danced in an open alley. You proposed to me and promised to be there.

I wish it that way!

I think I knew that you were about to go away. It was all so sudden. Your thoughts still linger in my head. I dream about you each night and day!

A part of you will always be with me… I so want it that way!

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