High roads

-oishmortal- I climbed the mountain, Felt at peace. I hollered for my freedom, My mind at ease. I walked the same street, A shadow would follow. Imitating my moves, Withering noises of hallow. I sat near the river, Trying to reflect, but in vain. I sank in and cried, Rid me of this pain. Regardless... Continue Reading →

Before the storm- why the COVID 19 has me calm!

OISHMORTAL The world is really ending? I'd like to start off by just putting it out there. The intensity of it all. I belong from India. One of the third world countries of the world. Honestly, I am pleasantly surprised by how organised our government has been about this pandemic. A 21 days lockdown has... Continue Reading →

Lost hope

There's the moon…shining like a wannabe giving light in darkness…like a hope to your dead-end…i saw the darkest of times, so you cannot trick me with your momentary happiness….-scincerely yours, Lost hope Oishmortal

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