Happiness in little things

So on the way back from my night shift, I rolled down the window of my side of the car. It’s almost the end of this year and the weather in Kolkata is on point. The mornings are super chilly with even more chillier wind blowing even when you’re standing at one place. So imagine windows rolled down in a car. My phone was almost falling out because the sun was curiously playing hide and seek with the clouds and I wanted to capture them. I’m always a fan of the sky. It’s surreal how beautiful of a picture it can paint in front of your eyes and all the time different.

Two days back, I just got rejected by a company, I felt was almost nailing it. I had cleared 3 rounds and the last video round was up there! But, as my destiny has it, I got a mail saying “NO” in a very formal way. I was low. But every Friday, the last few hours of my night shift are my happiest times. It’s a ritual almost by now that all the shift people together pack their bags, go to our all-time favourite chai walas adda place and have a fun elaborate conversation over a cup of cardamom hinted chai in a bhaar and a sutta. No ones in a hurry to leave that day. My state of mind today was happy-high! Like literally. I was listening to my all time favourite 90’s classics and gayly humming along.

The drive was almost 40 minutes long. I wished the driver a happy weekend and got down. I skipped and hopped through the stairs till the 4th floor and rang the bell continuously. Something I do when I’m in a happy mood. Our office had just celebrated Secret Santa and I was holing a box of leftover pizza which I had bought home because we couldn’t finish it all. My Secret Santa gifted me art supplies. That was in my other hand. My dad opened the door and saw the food. He decided right there that he wanted to have pizza for breakfast. I was starving. But the routine is to come in, talk to my parents for a while and then go take a shower and with all my concentration, then have my breakfast.

I was done with all of that. I asked my mother to make me some Maggi with an omelette (made out of two whole eggs) and smeared with garlic butter, and three dots of ketchup on it. She did as instructed and there came a plate full of my favourites. My dad sitting next to me on my bed got a plate with two pizzas in it. I switched on the television and we started to watch some indian stand up comedy. Mom also joined by then and the three of us laughed over “Anirban Dasgupta’s Afreen-Afreen” gig.

We discussed the tasks for the day, what happened at my office, and mom discussed which Netflix season she watched the night before and the entire storyline. Trust me she can’t rest until she has told me everything of it. 😉

Well, if you ask me, this would be the favourite day of the week. Where it’s just me and my family having a great conversation. Me not stressing about anything and everything. All of us HAPPY. I treasure these moments as the little things bring the most happiness in life.

These were the photos from the drive:

And this is my secret Santa gift:

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  1. You seem to have many wonderful things in your life, your coworkers, your mother, your rituals and also a fun Secret Santa gift. I’m sorry you didn’t get the job you wanted, though.


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