The proposal

Do you remember that night?




Oh god! I think I have been staring at the screen for so long now…. Which night? Out of all our memorable times spend in over 2 years, which specific one is he talking about? 

“The day you proposed to me….”

We were at the beach. It was almost evening. The sun had set beautifully. We were sitting at the edge of a long layered cement varnish facing the ocean. It was dark with a bright blue sky. The moon was shining bright and there was a cool breeze. I had been planning to surprise him with a ring I had bought with the money I got from executing our first great event. I went up to a mall close to my house and bought a sleek looking simple silver ring. I knew I had fallen so deeply in love with him that I was pretty sure I wanted to end up marrying him. We had been together almost two years. We have had our ups and downs but, we sailed through it.

I had it in my pocket. I asked him to turn around. Not so sure what I was upto, he assumed I was not in the mood to answer his questions. He turned away. I took the ring out of my pocket, bend down on my one knee and asked him to look around. I was nervous. The time stood still. I could feel myself forgetting the beautiful lines I had memorised in my head weeks before tonight. He looked back and his eyes grew bigger and he had a smile on his face.

I asked, “will you be my forever? Because I have fallen for you head over heels and want you to be my forever”. Okay, those were the most cliched lines ever. This is what I should have expected for him. But I always liked to surprise him differently. He bend down and picked me up. I made him wear the ring which was surprisingly his size. And we hugged. “Oh baby! Yes, a thousand times yes. Even I want to be by your side forever”. We kissed under the starry night. This is the place where we first met. The sound of the ocean. Him in my arms. Life couldn’t have been  better.
He wore the ring everyday since that day on.

Our conversation was not like the usual. This time we both felt the same kind of love we shared so many years ago. I replied to him texting, does he remember the night he had proposed?

We had decided to spend one whole day together. First we went out for some lunch, then a movie and later we had booked a room. Almost at the end of the movie, he started to act really strange. Always checking his pockets, his phone for the time and getting really very fidgety. I asked him what’s wrong? He would brush it off each time by giving some excuse. We had dinner from out and reached our hotel room. He asked me to buy some smokes and snacks for the night and he would check-in. I went thinking normally we buy stuff together and then get in. But, I did not heed much attention. He asked me to text him when i was done. I entered the lift and texted him that I was almost there. I open the door of our room. He was lying on the bed trying to fix a channel. I kept the stuff on the table and went to use the washroom. As I came out, I see him kneeling on his knee this time. It immediately all hit me. Why he was acting so strange and what the real reason was to go to the market last minute. He had been planning this all along. How clever.

I could not stop smiling. Maybe I even cried a little. I don’t remember much after that. It was only me smiling.

The photo is of the same ring47391908_364178017680431_170490723974512640_n which I still wear. I recently thought I had lost it. A few stones have fallen off now, but the memories it holds are brand new. No one has ever made me feel that special as he did that night. 

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