This time its been a crazy start to Pujo… For those of you who don’t know… 

Durga Puja festival marks the battle of goddess Durga with the shape-shifting, deceptive and powerful buffalo demon Mahishasura, and her emerging victorious.

We hopped around almost 8-9 pandals in one day. Mostly the south ones namely Polli mangal, jodhpur park, babu bagan, salimpur polli, egdalia, singhi park, ballygunge cultural, samaj sevi with themes ranging from bottles, ghungrus, underground construction and so much more awe inspiring pandals. 

It was a blasting 30 degrees but we bongs were at it feasting on biriyanis to kebabs and what not… this is the time of the year we are the happiest and people have no trouble in pushing and rushing through crowds just to get a glimpse of Maa. Oh! Also this year we had the biggest street art Rangoli which was mesmerising… Keep checking updates for more pandals…

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