August 28-08-2017, London, United Kingdom: Isn’t it frustrating how your kids are always one step ahead of you when it comes to using new age technology? Starting with mobile phones to using the Mac they know it all. Didn’t you wish time would rewind back to when playing outside would make you the cool kid? Well it just isn’t that way anymore, so my advice would be to upskill yourself and make sure your child is safe from the cyber world. Have fun and learning while digital parenting.

Digital Parenting – Here are a few simple steps to make sure you are slaying the role of a superhero Digital Parent

  1. Learn yourself : Make yourself comfortable with the latest trends. If you are in doubt, search online. Stay updated with the latest trends on your own. Try playing a few games or download some apps just to get a hang of it. You can always delete it if it’s too much to take at once.
  2. Have a one-on-one: Be very calm while doing this. It really needs patience to keep up with your kids and the ample knowledge they would shower on you. Talk to them often about what they like and be 100% open and honest with them.
  3. Get secure: Use parental guidance on your child’s devices and also on your own search engines and operating systems. Keep a time on just about how much time they should spend in front of the screen.
  4. Don’t be creepy: Friend your child on social media but maintain a space in monitoring. Boost them more to create a positive impact in the cyber world.
  5. Have fun together: Keep aside a few hours in your day to sit down with your children and learn from them as well. Could use a few tricks at work in front of your colleagues. Who knows!
  6. BE their superhero: There should be a thin line between being friendly and strict. Set an example to your children on how much screen time they have and cut down on your own usage if you are way too addicted. Show them a virtual world of fun and learning.

Plenty of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the UK offer digital parenting services for free

BT Control: This is one such parental control, once connected will help activate all your devices to a restriction level that you set. This also applies to your WiFi connection. Download the app here

Virgin Media: This works on any device connected to the WiFi which is mostly provided free with a broadband connection. It not only filters child safety but also blocks virus and websites that could lead to other security issues.

Kwikpay App: Kwikpay is one of the fastest and most user-friendly online prepaid top-up solution. It is UK’s first online app providing all kinds of top up for fun & digital services. Kwikpay has handy top up services for major UK & International prepaid mobile operators (Vodafone, Virgin and Talk Talk, etc) Online gaming (Nintendo, Xbox) and other digital services like Spotify, Kobo, Skype, etc. It helps in digital parenting by controlling the prepaid and online expense of your kids. Download the app here (iOS, Android)
SKY: This works on all devices connected to your Sky home broadband and comes at no extra cost. You can customise your settings in three steps:

    • Choose a rating – PG, 13 or 18
    • Use the Watershed feature to set restrictions at specific times of the day
    • Add specific websites that you would like to block  

    Vodafone: These are free and available to anyone with Vodafone Home Broadband. They protect all devices connected to your Wi-Fi and prevent access to inappropriate online content. You can control your children’s access to Wi-Fi at home by creating a guest ‘family’ network for them and then setting time limits on when the Wi-Fi is available via an app on your phone. There’s an app too. 

    TalkTalk Home Safe: This lets you control internet access on all devices connected to your TalkTalk router (Wi-Fi and cable). The free package includes Kids Safe (which lets you block all or your choice from nine categories of website), Homework Time (which limits access to social media and gaming websites at certain times) and Virus Alerts (which avoids malicious websites).

    Internet Matters: Launched in 2014, this provides advice for parents about online safety and a range of other issues relating to digital technology. 

    A guest post by Oishwaria Mukherjee


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