You cannot heal in the same environment that got you sick.You will still be art, even when they stop admiring.So darling, take the brush and own it as the sky and clouds are your canvas.~oishmortal~

Of what we are made

The 27 year old me wanders. Being lonely wasn't just what I enjoyed. It's a solitude I found after being out there and being let down. As humans, we find it a mandate to socially connect and roam in groups. Are we all not doing okay now?The soul that sees beauty always works alone. It... Continue Reading →

High roads

-oishmortal- I climbed the mountain, Felt at peace. I hollered for my freedom, My mind at ease. I walked the same street, A shadow would follow. Imitating my moves, Withering noises of hallow. I sat near the river, Trying to reflect, but in vain. I sank in and cried, Rid me of this pain. Regardless... Continue Reading →

Lost hope

There's the moon…shining like a wannabe giving light in darkness…like a hope to your dead-end…i saw the darkest of times, so you cannot trick me with your momentary happiness….-scincerely yours, Lost hope Oishmortal

Midnight scribbles – 3

Just like the rainbow, my mind is altering moods.Am I too selfish to have many filters?To think sometimes I am here to fight alone, and sometimes break down with the absence of no one?My mind needs cleansing, my heart is too pure to treat others with layers.Fixing me is not easy.I might push you away... Continue Reading →


I lay here still, As the dawn breaks, Thinking over my past... all the things I regret, Not sure if I want to look forward to another day, What is so great, I cannot say, There are real people conquering their quests, Achieving their one dream, I do not even have one, Mine concur of... Continue Reading →

Once upon a soulmate

It was a short-lived time. We spent days together inseparable. Anything that happened had to be immediately pinged to each other. Work, cribbing about the sales target, or how much I hate my colleagues. He even knew about Milons - the chai-tapri I usually called him as a ritual before getting in or out of... Continue Reading →

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