Remember before everyone was not so sensitive?

Disclaimer: This article is solely based on my opinions and thoughts. Not to offend anyone!

Do you also believe the world has become soft, offended, and hurt by things that should not be taken personally otherwise? In this universe, we are the only privileged beings to have the right to speak. It is often misdirected towards influencing others who have similar beliefs. Such a practice gives rise to the terms ‘political correctness’ for a ‘snowflake’ generation. The idea of people who are easily offended, and believes the world revolves around their feelings sounds derogatory for only millennials. With such an expanse of history and cultural differences, it is hard to point out the reasons for this.

If you had to understand in layman terms, a better standard of living has led us to feel empowered to speak up for issues which would otherwise seem petty during wars, poverty, or famine. The priority then was to look for the greater good ignoring their own needs first. The simple example of the fairness cream product that was a legendary first choice for every Indian for the past 45 years, had to rename its brand as it offended the darker skinned group of people. Such things did not matter years ago but do now. If your child was mollycoddled, they sure grow up to be overly sensitive. 

Source: Cheezburger

“Let’s play a game of millennial monopoly. The rules are simple, you start with no money, you can’t afford anything, the board is on fire for some reason, and everything is your fault.”

You have access to the whole world at your fingertips with the help of the internet, that now you are naturally contributing to be more understanding and sensitive towards others. If no one told you that you were wrong, you would never go back and look for more hypothesis on the topic you were insensitive towards. Political correctness can be double-edged today and needs to be re-aligned to where we are now. A minority will always be heckled to follow what the leader says as opposed to a majority’s privileges. 

“I am rather offended” is a baseless statement often made to sound like they are right, but they just whine. We know everyone is prone to being offended, and is that a good, bad or, indifferent thing is hard to tell and will remain open to debate. If we continue this, will it lead to evolution or do we draw the line? At the end, we are all sensitive about something or the other. The next time you feel offended, try thinking on it for a minute. If it was said with malicious intent or simply as their opinion? It’s OKAY for others to have a pole apart belief andshould not expect that to change for our personal feelings.


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