Turning 30 || 30 things I’ve learned till today…

Mid life salvation

30 🎉
Today I finally bid adieu to my 20s and embrace the 30 mark. If you'd ask the 20 year old me about turning 30... I'd probably be quizzed and anxious about it. So much to do and so little time. But now with age, rightly does come maturity. I can reflect on my past and understand myself so much better. It's probably taken me too much time to conquer my demons and glorify the wins. I look forward to pacing myself in entirety and see what's in store.

Here’s a list of what made me feel like life’s giving me another opportunity to re-do and unlearn what I assumed were challenges for me:

1. Appreciate your parents – they didn’t know better

2. Learn to let go

3. Find closure

4. Love is what you emit

5. Never be gullible

6. Put your self first

7. Remove toxic people

8. Be alone, but don’t feel lonely

9. Invest responsibly

10. Do what makes you happy

11. Stop being lazy

12. Don’t say Why? Say Why not?

13. Keep experimenting

14. Not everything is destiny

15. Identifying and Accepting your flaws

16. Sometimes in life you have to start again

17. Turn off your phone when needed

18. Me time is the best time

19. Happiness is a choice

20. Fear less

21. Be morally corrupt, but follow your gut

22. People come and go

23. Keep imagining

24. Don’t share your big plans until you achieve it

25. Don’t be so hard on yourself

26. Holding grudges consumes you

27. Love the small things

28. Learn to say NO

29. Be vulnerable

30. Congratulate yourself for any small feat like you won the Pulitzer!

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