Inktober Day 40/40 – Boo


10 thoughts on “Inktober Day 40/40 – Boo

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    1. Dear Oishmortal,
      It’s always a pleasure for me appreciate you and your work because you are really a very nice artist my dear! And I’m glad that my comment made you happy! Just always stay Happy and take care of yourself dear!🤗💞✌😊

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  1. Hey Oishmortal, I have been following your inktober 40 days art works. And I want to tell you that every artwork was really amazing and unique. Love the ideation and creative approach. Loved everything.
    My best of wishes for you and keep making the world a beautiful place with your art and talent. Keep Creating, Keep Changing. Lots of love and blessing.

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    1. Hello Vikash,
      Your notification has made my day; in-fact made my entire inktober series a happy memory. I appreciate your kindness and loved that you enjoyed my series. It was something on my mind for ages… 🌸

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