The city of hope 🌸 a short series πŸŒΈ

The city of hope – a short series πŸŽ₯
Not so fast, yet this city is a metro πŸ—
Get lost in it’s architecture πŸŒ†
Or it’s vibrance πŸŽ†
You refuse to love it’s people, but the city draws you in anyway 🀍
I’m guessing this translates to ‘My India is great’ (My Bengali is very weak, do let me know if I’m wrong) Thanks (:
Reflecting into your day setting ‘Sail’ πŸŒ…
It’s all about how you perceive the city’s soul πŸ‘
Through your lens πŸ“Έ
Becoming fearless isn’t the point ❗️
Allowing yourself to pace with her vibe is βš›οΈ
For a better generation, this city thrives πŸ€
We dream of revolution, yet talk of poetry πŸ“–
The urge of discovering the sixth dimension πŸͺ
We find art everywhere in the soul of this city – my city – Kolkata πŸ–Ό

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of my city. Do share your favourite thoughts or pictures of the city that moves you the most. πŸ’œ

β’ΈOishmortal (please give credit if you’d like to re-share)


5 thoughts on “The city of hope 🌸 a short series πŸŒΈ

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  1. West Bengal is culturally very rich. Many famous singers, musicians, actors, writers, and artists come from West Bengal, but I have a question, is this new generation also as passionate about art as the old generation was and doing something to save the culture of West Bengal?

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    1. Indeed. I think the youth is helping to blend a new side of Bengal’s heritage and culture. It still breathes cha (tea) and adda (get-together). Ans thank you so much for your comment.

      Have you been to the city?


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