Love at a coffee shop

I was so sick of the same old routine. I know I was privileged to still have a job, but it made me dreary-weary of being a human bot. I decided it was time for a recluse and non-interactive person like me to find an exit. I decided to go hunting for a café at which I could be a regular. Like they showed in the movies – take a book, probably act busy on my laptop, or simply sketch. To have a space outside of the four walls to feel myself again. 


To my surprise, I found the exact little corner I had envisioned. It had a tiny peach and cream door with a bell on top. As I entered, my eyes fell upon the pink chairs and wooden tables, the floor was wooden too. The photos on the walls were minimal and very artsy. The sunraysreflected onto the counter which had cute displays of the most savory cupcakes I had seen. It smelled of freshly brewed seeds mixed with the heavenly nutty and caramelized aroma. The place was quaint with limited seating. Next to a pillar, I found my cozy spot. A single bar stool with a table higher than me right next to a long french window. I managed to curl up and a pretty girl walked up to me with the menu. She smiled and said ‘I know exactly what you would like mam. Your orders coming right up!’ And that’s it. That’s how I became a regular at the little café. 


On most weekdays the place would be empty. Eveningswould start to get a little cramped. I preferred the hour post lunch. I worked a bit and later ended up finishing my sketches till I exhausted playing all the songs of my favorite playlist. I never spoke much but I loved to observe. The streets were always so busy. It made a funny contrast in my head with the music on full volume. One afternoon I decided to go a little later to the café. As I reached, I saw a guy sitting in my spot. Furious I walked up to him and didn’t realize how loud my headphones were, yelling at the top of my voice, I asked if he was leaving. He wore a cap, a hoodie; plain tee and jeans with a pair of Converses; what you might call a suburban hipster. Ugh! How much I hate the Gen-Z’s – Isn’t he feeling hot? It’s sticky and humid outside. What a brat. He smiled at me and got up saying, ‘whatever it is, shall pass.’ ‘What a wierdo!’ I thought to myself.


The next week felt like the usual. The door opens and the bell rings. I look up from my laptop at the noise and the burst of cold air coming through. It was him with his friends. As he passed by me to the counter, he smiled at me and I hesitantly looked down spilling the coffee all over me. I looked around for something to wipe off with, and there he was offering me a bunch of tissues. I noticed his hazel eyes gleaming looking right at me. He removed his black beanie and ruffled his hair signaling his friends to take a seat. He pulled up a chair and sat on my table. Today he wore a fashionably grey pea coat, with an amber turtleneck sweater. His dark-rimmed glasses make him seem just a bit more sophisticated than I assumed him to be on the first day. We were interrupted by the waitress asking for his order. He looked inside my cup of whatever was left and said, ‘I’ll have the vanilla aroma that she smells of please.’ He smirked at me and we broke out into a fit of laughter. He had this grandiose in his voice. Now that the ice was broken, he leaned over to my laptop screen and curiously gazed at my artwork in progress. He wonders aloud what I was working on and as I broke down the intricacies describing it, all he did was sit there fascinated by the enthusiasm on this foreign subject. His smile made me feel a tingle in my bones. He’s subtly leaning in to hear every word I was saying and probably noticing how my eyes lit up talking about the one thing I was so passionate about.


I didn’t realize when his hands slipped from his pockets next to mine, almost touching, fingers begging to be intertwined together. I could feel the sparks too. It was written all over my face how much I was enjoying this. We both felt the warmth radiating around us. The café right then starts to play my all time favorite ‘Love at a coffee shop by Landon Pigg’. My smile uncontrollably turning into a blush making me feel the butterflies. My train of thought rushed with being ecstatically happy living the moment I was sharing with this absolute stranger. We sat there chatting, desperately hoping either one would reach out and throw a rope to hold on. A hope that there was a small chance of a romance to begin.

Oishmortal 🌸

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  1. Excellent writing. I was right there with you the entire way. I had to read the comments to ensure it was fiction. Your topic speaks to everyone – that need for human connection in a variety of ways.

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    1. I am all smiles reading this.
      I hope you are doing well.

      Thank you so much Blanca. I wish this would be true. I’ve always thought of writing a book, but never found an appropriate topic. 🙈

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