Alone, on this bench…

Victoria -21′ ~OM~

Dear Love,

They say everyone has a soulmate. What they didn’t guarantee was the ‘forever’ bit. I wish you came with an expiry (at least a warning). I experienced what love feels like only because of you. I often wonder if you still think of me or tell your friends about me. Sitting here all alone, I couldn’t help but reminisce that time you and I lay on the grass in a cold winter night. You giving me your jacket, which I eventually never returned. We hardly spoke – just us ceasing the moment. How madly were we in love! Do you remember?

At least I’m glad I have these memories to look back upon. I sleep most nights picking out a favourite. Gee, we have way too many.

If we ever met, I would only want to know one thing. Which is your favourite memory of us? We were so good together.

Tears stream down. The traumatic ballad of Bach playing in my headphones is such a coincidental add on. I wish you were here to gaze at the beauty around me. I don’t remember the last time I saw so much green. My eyes feel calmer already. There’s a pretty lake in front of me. The breeze kissing the edge of the water causing ripples, leaves falling, and birds twitching their nests and chirping a happy song. Inside this protective shield of silence, in the heart of the city, little did I know I could feel my hollow heart yearn for you. Just hold my hand dear, and watch me smile from inside. You made my soul shine like no one else can ever!

Missing you terribly every day.

Now a stranger,

Lovebug 🐞


11 thoughts on “Alone, on this bench…

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  1. I believe feeling heartache is not only bad, it has a positive side as well. It means you felt real love and this is one of the most wonderful feelings to ever experience. It’s beautiful to open up and share these feelings the way you did.

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    1. I completely agree to this. It’s mostly our happy memories of how we were as a person when we were with them. I realise now, maybe I was loving my version of being in love. Who knows 😜
      Finding beautiful souls like you, has made me so much more happier. 💜

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