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Source: Times of India

It’s always been a routine to help my mother dry out clothes in the terrace post lunch. Ever since I got used to wearing my training bra, I washed my undergarments on my own and dried it out with the other clothes. Just 12 years old, I was too naïve and hung out my bra openly next to my mother’s sari. As I came back to my room, my mother rushed in looking alarmed. She scolded me for exposing my personal belongings out in the open. She said what would the neighbors think of us. How could you be so careless? Go back up and see how I had carefully clipped it under the sari so that no one notices.


I have seen women hide their freshly washed undergarments in packets so no one can see them. How often are we asked to “hide that bra strap” or “wear something under a transparent shirt”? I say why hide at all. It’s not like we can iron them flat to look like men. I have ever since dried out my bras showing them off into the open. Now, I see a lot of other bras hanging out proudly in the other terraces in my area. If bras make you uncomfortable, then imagine how the society has brainwashed us girls into thinking we need it in the first place. It is high time bras are sexualized.


Image courtesy for the cover: @thatsassythingdotcom

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