The last woman – An ode to my sketch book

Here I am….

I was gifted my first art book and boy was I excited to complete it. I loved trying with all mediums of paint. Be it watercolour or acrylic!

The last woman is my ode to creating a page with vibrant colours and getting inspired by faces.

Just like every artist has a phase, I think I’m content with exploring with happy vibes and creating what they call a beautiful mess.

As it fills my heart flipping pages of this finished book, I look forward to jumping on to my next ideas.

I hope you enjoy this time-lapse. 👇🏽


“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.”

— Georgia O’Keeffe

17 thoughts on “The last woman – An ode to my sketch book

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  1. Loved seeing the creative process of your painting. I really like the final result, so vibrant, unique and expressive! Love the idea of these floating flowers giving the feel of a dress. By the way, Georgia O´keeffe is one of my favorite artists!

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    1. Did I say, I love seeing your notification pop up after a post. Thank you so much for your lovely words. This was new and fun!
      No way. He is one of my favourite too 🙂

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    2. You are very talented, you are brilliant at writing, sketching, painting, singing and surely at so many other facets! I was wondering how this pop up thing worked and did a bit of research, tried myself and I managed to make it work!

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    3. You are the warmest person I’ve cone across in a long time. I cannot truly thank you for always being so supportive and kind 🙂
      Your genuineness truly reflects from inside of you.
      I am glad to be making such wonderful connections. So thank you for being you 💜

      And oh! Please don’t forget to show me how you made it work 😃

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    4. Thank you so, so much for your kind words! When I first started blogging I was actually just trying to learn how to set up a blog and see if I could manage to do it on my own, as I´ve never been good at IT. Unexpectedly, I slowly started making connections with really nice people and blogging became not only a way to share my passion but also to be part of other bloggers passions. I love beauty and style but I also love reading, photography, arts, design, travelling, music and culture in general. Blogging is a really nice way to meet people with similar sensitivites, regardless of age, culture, background and interests and also making amazing connections, like it happened with you! The first time I read one of your posts I noticed talent and art, a very unique way to express with words. I wish I could write and express the way you do. Hopefully you´ll post new stories soon!!

      Regarding the subscription pop-up, you need to open an account at MailerLite (it´s free) and create a pop-up form. It´s quite intuitive and easy to do. Once its created they´ll give you an account ID and UUID numbers. Then you need to add a new widget to your blog called pop-up subscription form, enter the ID and UUID numbers and enable the widget. I hope this helps!

      And let me use this chance to thank you for reading and supporting my blog for so long!!

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    5. Firstly, thank YOU for giving in your time to write such a wonderful note back. I was all smiles just glancing through it.
      Sorry for the delayed response. Work got busy.

      I couldn’t agree more with you. WordPress is like therapy for those who aren’t even sure of it yet. It grows on you and the people are more than wonderful. I found you, likewise another friend whom I got to know even more over the years from another part of the globe.

      I will try my best to write more often and would eagerly wait for your beautiful comments. 💜

      I really enjoy learning about others experiences, and listening to yours just made me admire you more as a person now. Your blog has such an aesthetic vibe to it and it is so organised, that one will be hypnotised with it’s first glance. You make content that is relatable to all – even for people like me with zero fashion sense! :p
      Hence the ardent support.

      So keep shining and thanks for sharing the tip. Will try it for myself too! 😀

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    6. Thank you so much for your wonderful words, you just made all dedication and work that I throw to the blog totally worth it!! And thank you again for your amazing support!!

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