Good times || First single Ukulele

Hello all,
It was a beautiful rainy morning as I sat down to write this song. It’s a basic strum pattern with the mix of my favourite chords C, G, Am and F.
I hope you enjoy the song and sing along…! πŸ’œ

When I look into your eyes, I know that I am fine- tonight.
I try to forget of all the pain I hide – inside.
Remembering all of the good times!
Trying to fake a smile to be fine!
I wake up every morning finding the bed empty – next to me.
I go about my day staring at my phone just to find – just to see.
If you missed me or I need to find my peace!
Teaching my body just to be at ease!
I know I need to move on but I just can’t press – Delete.
I linger on that T-Shirt you left at home – for me.

Please hit like and ask your friends and family to subscribe to my channel. Also, any constructive feedback is most appreciated. I am just an amateur and would love to learn more.

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