Midnight scribbles – 3

Just like the rainbow, my mind is altering moods.Am I too selfish to have many filters?To think sometimes I am here to fight alone, and sometimes break down with the absence of no one?My mind needs cleansing, my heart is too pure to treat others with layers.Fixing me is not easy.I might push you away... Continue Reading →

Good times || First single Ukulele

Hello all,It was a beautiful rainy morning as I sat down to write this song. It's a basic strum pattern with the mix of my favourite chords C, G, Am and F.I hope you enjoy the song and sing along…! 💜 Lyrics:When I look into your eyes, I know that I am fine- tonight.I try... Continue Reading →


It was 3 AM, I was covered under the same sheets as the man who lay next to me. The fan was switched off. It was almost the end of winter and my body unexpectedly shivered. I felt a cold wind run down my spine. I turned around and looked over at him. He was... Continue Reading →

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