Don’t give up; Stay Strong!

She lurked through the window of the swank shop near her home. It falls on the way back home where she boards her bus from.

Don’t give up: Stay strong

She sighed on seeing the price tag. She couldn’t afford it even if she saved up for months. She went to work, her colleagues so excitedly started sharing their vacation stories to an exotic location, some planned to buy a new phone, gift their loved ones a diamond ring, and some were prepping for their marriage.

She heard all of it with a broad smile on her face. She applied on a line of kohl and a light shade of lipstick. She wore her mother’s knitted favourite cardigan. Her jeans and shoes were four years old. There was no hole, no tatter, even the colour had not worn out. She knew the value of having just one pair of clothing. She knew the kind of hesitation it took for her to order a dress online.

Don’t give up: Stay strong

She had plans too. To have a warm meal with her family. Her mom and dad had already planned for an evening with some meat and wine. She believed she had the best kind of love amongst all. She did not care about the value of the greens: Till now!

She ran back home home to tell her parents how happy she was to be able to spend all her time on Christmas with them. She gave up on the over time. For the first time she wanted to just relax. Her mother opened the door with her face all wrinkled. Is it obnoxious to notice how your parents are ageing with time and they display small but important signs to you? Anyway, she hugged her mother because she had brought home good news. Why were they not happy? “We ran out on the money you gave for the month. We have a few medicines we need which are expensive. Will you not be working OT?” She smiled again.

Don’t give up: Stay strong

A little teary eyed. She felt hate, remorse, guilt, and of course responsible for her family. They have been the only reason of hope and the sole purpose for her to fight each day for bringing them all the comfort they deserve. But with nobody to support, she felt like she had no soul. She wanted to scream at the top of her voice. She would happily end it all. But if not in this one lifetime; she had to strive to be someone her parents can be proud of. A series of struggle cannot break her down. Not so fast! She thought to herself.

Don’t give up: Stay strong

This is dedicated to all the daughters who are single handedly managing their families. Just know that your family loves, appreciates, and supports you no matter what. Believe in your self and great things are bound to happen!

So take a breath, relax and unwind. You deserve so much of everything. More power to you! 💜

7 thoughts on “Don’t give up; Stay Strong!

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  1. Beautiful story and message too. I used to spend much on materialistic things, even i was very careful about my family but was not able to save much. The 2 yrs no-job taught me a lot. Now i dont waste my single penny.
    This is really great and salute to those girls.
    I want to add that there are many boys who care there family more than anything else.
    Again beautiful story.

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