An open letter – to my future love

Hello there stranger:

As I sit by my favourite sunset spot, I open my notes and randomly start to type what you’re about to read! Sit tight! This is going to take some time!

I would like you to call me HOPE, but after how my life has been, I’d rather say I’m anti-hope! So let’s move ahead of the name calling! You could call me Oish.

Having lived in a country of dates – (Oman), I’d say I have not learnt a bit of the art of dating. Rather continuing a date. Am I impatient? Maybe a little, but mostly if I don’t feel like we connect, I might give up in less than a day or two.

Over the years at least my mind is at ease knowing that I cannot do the online dating game. No siree! I live and breathe old school romance. No I do not want violins to play at the background. But say crossing each other at the local shop, eventually we notice each other and bam!! One day we smile and get to talking.

I am 27 and pragmatically, must get married and maybe even have a kid by now. But my parents have been the stark opposite. They have till now not asked me to settle down or even think about it. I like to paint, I have a corporate job like any other and I live with my parents. If you have read this far, then congratulations: that was all you had to know about me. ๐Ÿ™‚ With these many years gone by trying and contemplating my behaviour, I have become a bit choosy about men! (I swear only a bit.)

I am a sucker for good and non-stop conversation. Humour ofcourse goes without saying. You have got to have an open mind about things and discuss no matter how small the issue is. No temper is much appreciated. You could be the talkative kinds as I mostly would not say much and smile.

The much learned wise words: without expectation a relationship is flawless. But with all honesty, if we do not expect are we even human?

How does one feel content with life? We eventually go on about finding what truly makes us happy and go for it! Right?

There was a time, I used to believe in it too. Happiness consists of many factors. Your mental state for sure is priority, but you also get a different kind of high when you have someone to lean on besides your close ones. I crave for the kind of longing after getting done with a tiring day at work, or simply calling in the middle of the day to give me a kiss! I always find happiness in the little things. Not materialistic ones. I crave for somebody who would look just beyond my body and try to reach my soul. Having those kind of moments, when you both think of the same thing at the same time. Wouldn’t that be perfect scenario?

Ideally, I feel like a 90s kid living in a fuzzy dream with the millennials who think swiping on faces, can bring out love! If so, then it deeply saddens me to even try!

Where are you?

I canโ€™t pretend that Iโ€™m not terrified to find you because I am. 

If you’re out there and are still reading this – like Bojack says:


Lots of love,
Oiswaria Mukherjee

22 thoughts on “An open letter – to my future love

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  1. ..the day you stop looking, he’ll be right there sweeping the carpet below your feet. No heart silent mutter…and yet you’ll just know…coz well…its just one of those things, isnt it? Can’t be explained but just felt.
    And he’s around…who knows he might just be somewhere here

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