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  1. This has the feel of embarking on some great venture, Oiswaria. I really like that. Maybe it’s a real trip or perhaps the next stage of a relationship. I like the idea of a blank page, a tabula rasa, onto which they can write whatever story they wish. It’s really good.

    Until next time. 😊

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    1. Well well well! Sorry for replying late. Isn’t it fun to keep a mystery to life? Enjoy it while it lasts?

      Tabula rasa it is…!!! Another thing you taught me over time! I love how I get to learn such new terms from you!

      Cheers to that! 😍
      And thank you so much 🤩

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    2. Hello there.

      Yes, the mystery in life is what makes it fun. Perhaps that’s why I can be restless at times; I want to keep that sense of mystery.

      My pleasure. I’m glad you enjoyed “tabula rasa”. We seem to teach one another. Your posts about your country and culture are enlightening.

      Speaking of which….Happy Diwali/Kali Puja to you and your family. No, I’m not that “hip” to Indian culture to know it’s the holiday but saw your other post. Nice lanterns, btw. And from what I understand the rangoli is made from bits of seeds or flower petals or sand? Incredible. You seem rather good at this DIY thing.

      Cheers! 🙂

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    3. Namaste!

      A very happy Diwali to you and your family! Yes ur absolutely right about the seeds and flowers. But nowadays we get these artificial l colours since we do not get the authentic stuff anymore.
      It’s lovely to see how you are interested in our culture and that makes me oh so happy! Your recent post about the Lull farm is so picturesque. I totally fell for the jerk chicken thing! Got my mouth watering! 🤤

      And thank you. Creating stuff is so much fun! Like you capture your images and let us create our own versions of it.

      To more learning and teaching one another! Have a great day! 🙂

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    4. Hello Oiswaria!
      Thank you for the Diwali wishes. To be honest, when I saw the photo of your rangoli, I’d never heard of it before. From the image, I thought it was an ornately decorated cake. But then I usually think with my stomach. It would probably get rather expensive to make rangoli with real flower petals and seeds.

      Learning about cultures is so interesting. Books and television programs are nice but I prefer to learn about cultures from talking to people and observing or participating.

      The Jamaican jerk chicken is really good. The marinates the chicken for three days before cooking it. But today is the end of the season. The weather is getting a bit cold to be outside cooking. Also, the man who makes it only comes here for the summer. At the end of the month, he returns to his family in Jamaica. That’s part of what makes it special, it’s only available during the growing season when he comes to our community to work.

      I was out last night with my sister’s family making Halloween themed photos. It was a lot of fun. Even the editing was fun because I used filters to give the images a spooky feeling.

      So, as I write this, it must be late there. (It’s only noon here.) I hope you’ve had a good day.

      Have a good night,


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    5. Wow! This is so lovely to read… hahah! A cake it is! I never thought of it that way! It is the best to think from your gut! 😉
      Yeah I absolutely agree that speaking with people imbibes the knowledge rather than looking it up.

      Ahh! The marinate for days sounds yumm! The fact that this is only for a season makes it even more special. Looking forward to that makes the days go by sooner!

      I just checked your photos. They are superb! Like beyond anything. Gives me the creeps. The sausage, pizza and candy kinda makes it even more better! And god how I hate haunted houses. The performers are just there to scare the daylights outta you! I am such a scary cat! I literally once hit one of the jokers that popped outta nowhere! 😂

      I hope you had a great one with your sister! And love how you kept track of my time here. Good afternoon to you… 🥰

      Also, I love the quote of your blog page: if you’re pictures are not good enough, you are not close enough! And let me just tell you that your photos are so amazing!

      Always an ardent fan!

      Cheers 🍻

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    6. Hello there:

      According to my phone it’s now about 2AM there. So, good morning, I guess. Yes, very good, your e-mail arrived in the afternoon.

      We decided that our family was not very good at haunted houses. This was a tame one and my sister and niece kept jumping. So, you hit one of the people who jump out? That’s hilarious. They had a list of rules at the entrance and not touching the actors was one of the rules. I’m pretty sure that hitting involves touching. Ha ha ha

      Oh gosh, there was such fun food that night. I ate a lot that night, too much. We grabbed some light food at the brewery’s little Biergarten restaurant. Then my niece got a huge bag of cotton candy that we all shared. Have you had cotton candy before? Then there were mini-donuts. And finally, we ended up sitting by one of the fire pits and my sister got some marshmallows for us to roast. What are your favorite treats?

      We had a fun time with my sister and her family. We’ll see them next week again. My niece is going to be in a local youth theater show.

      Thank you for your kind words about my photos. And I’m glad you like the quote. It’s by Robert Capa, a famous war photographer. He was an immigrant from Hungary who re-invented himself as a war photographer. He captured amazing images. I read his autobiography. What a life he led! During WWII, with no training he jumped from airplanes with paratroopers so he could get some photos.

      Thank you for supporting my blog. Have a great day.

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    7. Good morning to you too…
      and yes it is becoming a thing now. We are like pen pals. Writing to each other through the comments section! So unique! 😀

      Hahaha! I absolutely understand what it is to have the entire family wanting to do something you differ. But at the end it turns out to be the best thing right?
      Oh my! I wasn’t handed over any rule book. Guess either way my reflex couldn’t stop anything! 😋

      I could imagine you trying to gobble up as much as you could. Cotton candy is not a kind of food. For me it is memories. Of my father taking us to the annual festival in Oman. I was brought up there. It is a Muslim country and there would be an annual festival called the Muscat Festival. Where I just had to hop on rides and have all the cotton candy in the world. I like your nieces choices already 😊 I have never roasted marshmellows and had them by the fire tho! We have always had a BBQ by the fire. I love anything and everything smeared with chocolate. How about you?

      You must be waiting for next week to come already! All the best for her show! Do share some pictures if you would.

      Well you deserve every bit of appreciation. Yes Robert Capa was a hero in his true sense. After reading about him I happened to watch a similar movie called The Bang Bang Club. It’s about a group of combat photographers and what they go through in South Africa. It was gripping.

      And truly humbled to witness your blog. Keep shining! 💜

      And it is lovely to speak with you..

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    8. Hello Oiswaria,

      So now it’s morning here and much later there. I guess it’s always much later there. 🤣 According to my phone, Mumbai is 9.5 hours ahead. Actually, I just know your in India but not where. Mumbai seemed as good a place as any to put into the phone to figure out the time difference.

      Yes. We are quite the pen pals. If you prefer to use email rather than comments, my email is

      That’s right, I recall a post about you living in Oman. Did you like growing up in a different culture? I want to ask you a million questions about how old you were when you went and then returned to India and what it was like and so on and so forth but you’d end up writing a book. 😳

      So you know cotton candy then. No, it’s not a food. It’s basically just sugar. But so yummy. 😋 Oh BBQ by the fire is wonderful. I love it also. Next BBQ, just bring a few marshmallows and some sticks to roast them on. 😊

      I totally agree that chocolate improves just about anything. 😍

      I’m excited to see the show. It’s actually this Saturday. For the last show I brought my camera and got some great shots. Sure, I’ll send you a link to some photos from the show. I don’t post a lot of photos of her on my blog. She is in the Brewery Frights post playing catch with the circus performer.😉

      I don’t know the movie Bang Bang Club. I’ll have to look for it. 🧐I just watched the first episode of a series called Modern Love. Each episode is a story. The first one was great. It’s a bout a woman living in NYC in a building with a doorman. He is a former Eastern European soldier and is very protective of her. He guides her and helps her in her life including her dealing with suitors. It was very good.

      It was so nice speaking with you this morning. I hope your day is going well.

      Take care 😊

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    9. Well good morning to you Chris…

      It is pretty early for you there. Isn’t it? I just had a very late lunch and I feel sleepy now. Yes Mumbai gives an overall of our IST time zone. I like in Kolkata. It is one of the oldest colonial cities under the reign of the British Empire before Independence. Kolkata was then called Calcutta and was the capital of India. So yeah… there you go. A bit of the culture for now.

      Well million questions are wondering in my head too. About your life there. Your past and so much more.

      Food is a common ground for us then! 🤤

      Great. Will wait for the pictures. I just went back and saw her. She looks so pretty and happy! I was actually contemplating watching Modern Love. It is on Amazon Prime right?

      Will talk more over mail. Sending you one in some time.

      You have a great start to your day! 🙂

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    10. Hello there:

      Yes, I’m an early riser. I get up early most mornings and head to the gym. Mondays and Wednesdays are the exception because I start classes later. I’m now waiting to have my lunch.

      I read about IST. Your whole country is on one time zone. That sounds rather convenient and smart. Here we always have to wonder about time zones when we travel domestically or have conference calls. Thank you for the brief education about Kolkata. Now I know a bit about it but sadly little else. So, did the Brits make Kolkata the capital or had it been the capital before you were a colony. I found your city on a map. You’re actually pretty far from Mumbai (which is what I put into the time zone calculator on my phone). I hope to learn more in the future.

      I’ve only watched the one episode of Modern Love but was impressed. I definitely want to see more. Yes, you’re correct, it’s on Amazon Prime.

      Thank you for the kind words about my niece. I think she’s great but I’m a bit biased.

      Okay, have a wonderful evening. I’ll look for an e-mail from you

      Take care,

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