Cheers to a healthy life 🥂

And being a woman would be easy they said… 🤦‍♀️

I have always been a healthy kid. Imagine being the tallest one in class and huge. There were other girls who looked bigger than me but I weighed more. I always wondered why! My child specialist doctor would always say: “It’s her baby fat. It will go.” And till today, I don’t see it go anywhere other than accumulate in my thighs and my buttocks.

A few years back, I weighed 100 kgs and I felt very uncomfortable. I was never fat-shamed or humiliated about my weight. (Maybe behind my back). However, I always liked to be mobile, be energetic, dance for hours and not sweat. I returned to India and lost a lot of weight toning down to 75 kgs within a span of 6 months. I felt lighter, I loved how my collar bones would pop up a tad bit. The best part was that my old clothes fit me.

Like a lot of you, I too have a corporate job. The difference between yours and mine is that I oscillate between different shifts every week. I did not realise how lethargic I was becoming, or how I always preferred to sleep or eat and not be my usual self. My weekends would pass away binge watching or simply doing activities which did not sweat me out. Just today, I visited a gynaecologist and she happened to be the most straight forward. A woman in her late 40s with a dry sense of sarcasm. What a rare find. She inquired about a million things and finally suggested to get a USG done to check for PCOS along with a blood test. What really tickled my bones is when we had this conversation:

Gynaecologist: you might have PCOS. What is causing such erratic schedules?

Me: my job! I have alternate shifts every week.

A week of Night, then Morning, later evening and so on…

Gynaecologist: seriosuly? QUIT your job then!

Once I got back home, I was totally convinced about changing my routine, prepping for exercises and all that jazz.

But I also got to think about how everybody keeps telling you to feel comfortable in your own skin. Be who you are and be proud. It hit me then that it isn’t about being skinny or fat. Looking hot or not. It is about being healthy. About taking care of yourself. Not being ignorant and knowing what is best for you.

I am absolutely going to transform myself and get me back to being the old me. Healthy and happy about how I feel.

I love taking pictures of myself. Sometimes bold, sometimes silly. I like my skin and I vow to be confident and be fit.

You have one life. Make it worth living! 🥂

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  1. I think it’s so important to feel comfortable in your own skin and yet so many people are not. I think it’s great that your taking the approach of working towards feeling healthy and happy. Cheers! P.S. You write really well.

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    1. Hi there!
      You know I never got to know your name..
      Like I always say, look forward to your comments and today, you made my day. Just before going to bed, I see your lovely comment. Thank you. I would only need so much to keep me sane. Fat or not. Being healthy is key. I guess I realised it too late, but going forward good things are expected.

      After you like my post, I am always eager to see what you got in store for me!

      Thank you for always being so supportive!

      Lots of love 💜

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    2. Hi there:

      My name is Chris. And yours?

      Your post made me think of something a student in class wrote this week.  (I teach English to immigrants here in the U.S.)  The assignment was to write a compound sentence about yourself using the verb “be”.  She wrote “I’m heavy but I’m beautiful.”  She is a bit heavy but she is also extremely confident.  I thought it was great that she sees herself in this way.

      I’m glad you enjoy my comments.  I always enjoy reading your posts.  

      Have a great week,

      Take care,


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    3. Hey Chris. Nice to finally meet you! 😉
      That is so good to know that you’re an English teacher. It must be an interesting job to teach the expats English.

      I dont know if you have ever watched the old British series “Mind your Language”. You remind me of the professor Jeremy Brown!
      And yes that woman sounds awesome! Self confidence helps in self loving and all else. 🙂

      And yes, I love your photos too. So much 😀

      You too have a great week.

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    4. Hi there:

      Thank you for your kind words about my photos. I really enjoy going out to make photos and really getting a good image.

      I’m wasn’t familiar with “Mind Your Language” and Jeremy Brown but found it on YouTube. Its hysterically funny and so true. It will be a good thing to watch to unwind after evening class when my brain is pretty tired.

      My students are awesome and so motivated. They work all day and then come to class at night to make their lives better.

      Take care,


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    5. I knew you would like it…
      And also, wow. Night classes after their daily work! Sounds like they are a super enthusiastic class with a lovely teacher 😀

      And sorry forgot to mention my name earlier: Oiswaria

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    6. Hello Oiswaria: 😊

      Pleased to meet you.

      Thank you for your kind words. My students are enthusiastic. Most people usually are if you can find a way to engage them. I just try to make my lessons worthy of all their effort.

      Your job sounds stressful with all of the schedule changes. 😳 I hope you can find a way to get more balance in your life.

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