Durgã, the unassailable

Durgã, is one of the most impressive, beautiful, and formidable warrior goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. Her story is the victory of good over evil. As ‘Mahishasurmardini’ she slays the buffalo demon who threaten the stability of the cosmos. She is also the Divine Mother protecting all from evil and misery.

Durgã is not the quintessential Hindu woman. She is not submissive and takes the battle to the males. In this role reversal, she stands outside the stereotype of Hindu society.




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  1. I have to assume that is the slain Buffalo Demon we see on the ground. Wow! You have a strong woman role model in your culture. That’s great. Not all cultures have that. (I know little about the Hindu faith.)
    One question: Did you make this picture? It is wonderful. I really like the style and colors. It’s cool you included the slain demon.

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    1. Yes we do have a vast mythology. And honestly sometimes, I myself forget about all the kinds and what powers they hold. But it is very interesting to read and get to know how we can adapt such beliefs in real life.
      And also yes, I did paint this.
      If you type Durga in Google, you will always see the demon below she slayed to reclaim the woman power in society.

      And I will never tire to say thank you for always taking out time to read and send your lovely comments.

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    2. My pleasure. It must be a bit overwelming to have such a large mythology, but then again I like how you describe getting to know and adopting the parts that resonate with you.
      I did a search on Durga. The image often show her riding a lion or tiger. That’s a powerful image.

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