Happy Diwali/Kali Puja

This year I celebrated with my family! It is beautiful to be with your loved ones on any occasion. I also tried making a big Rangoli and DIY lanterns which turned out pretty well. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali! And a Shubho Kali Pujo! 🥰

Cheers to a healthy life 🥂

Gynaecologist: you have PCOS. What is causing such erratic schedules? Me: my job! I have alternate shifts every week. A week of Night, then Morning, later evening and so on... Gynaecologist: seriosuly? QUIT your job then!

Durgã, the unassailable

Durgã, is one of the most impressive, beautiful, and formidable warrior goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. Her story is the victory of good over evil. As ‘Mahishasurmardini’ she slays the buffalo demon who threaten the stability of the cosmos. She is also the Divine Mother protecting all from evil and misery. Durgã is not the... Continue Reading →

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