The clock is ticking

With the latest warnings all across about the water crisis in India and all across the world, it is primarily our responsibility to promote a decentralised approach, with a key focus on water conservation, source sustainability, storage and reuse wherever possible. #saveplanetearth

The midnight song!

There is no need to deck up, As there is no one to show. Remorse is constant, And, I feel terribly low. With no longer the urge to impress, I lay down all day - Music is my final distress! 🎼-Oishwaria

The unwithered smile.

On a sunny afternoon, I accompanied my sister for her performance at Nandan for Rabindranath Tagore's birthday celebrations. Nandan has always been a super favorite place for me as it is the hub of different forms of cultural exhibits. I was basically accompanying my sister to capture a video of her performance. I secured the... Continue Reading →

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