Life… a matter of seconds

When you see how fragile and delicate life can be, all else fades into the background.
– Jenna Morasca

When I awoke yesterday morning, the usual routine is to check my phone. The office group was flooded with messages. Our morning cab met with an accident with three employees in it. Within a few seconds I get another message from a colleague saying Sudip is no more. I rubbed my eyes twice just to make sure I understood what I was reading.

“Kaka” is what everyone at work called him with love. He was a fun-loving and the most simple man I had ever come across. When you work with someone for almost three years, you become like family. He was a spiritual man. His desk was only ornamented with different gods photos. He was always serious about his work. Asking a thousand questions and taking his own sweet time to complete a deadline. Having him around would mean having discussions about politics to movies, name it and he always had his hilarious opinions about them. He was a stylish man, wearing the fanciest watches. Upon noticing, he would smile oh so innocently and ask if it looked good on him. He had a style of his own. As a new joiner, I always looked up to him for advice. He had the patience to make you feel comfortable and be your guide.

We lived close by because of which my cab drops and pickups would always be with him. The driver would call saying “Kudghat er pick up er por ashchi madam”. In the morning shift, sharing a cab with him would definitely mean waiting two or three hours extra after our shift ends. “Ki Sudip? Aar kotokhon?” And he would always reply saying “Ei toh aaro 10-15 mins” and end up taking longer. But it never bothered me. Because on the way back home, he would keep talking to me and the driver about random things. Sometimes even advising me like an elder brother on what steps I should take about my career and life. He was preparing for his MBA and just completed giving his exams. He was such a hard-working man always enjoying what life had to offer.

The accident is now a reminder for all of us on how quickly your life could be snatched away from you. How you plan it all out but in the end, it’s just a matter of seconds. Maybe, just maybe if the nicest people did not have to be taken away by god so soon.

Sudip will always be a loving memory. He was an amazing friend, a positive person, a man who the world will remember by for his goodness. May his family and loved ones find the strength to deal with this unbearable loss.





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