Once upon a soulmate

It was a short-lived time. We spent days together inseparable. Anything that happened had to be immediately pinged to each other. Work, cribbing about the sales target, or how much I hate my colleagues. He even knew about Milons – the chai-tapri I usually called him as a ritual before getting in or out of work.

Now when I think of him, only good memories flood in. Never have I really fell in love with a person who lived miles apart but made my stomach swirl with butterflies just with his words and kisses. It was a fairy tale. Our sunset smeared love story!

He wrote me this one night and I so wish these are still emotions he feels strongly about. This brings a smile to my face on days I feel gloomy. I needed him more than he needed me.

In the haze of early morning semi awareness

As i open my eyes and see just my pillow

I miss you

Over the sink, brushing my teeth. No nudging for space

The whole mirror to myself 

I miss you

In the middle of the day, when I want to text and crib about my boss,

I miss you

As i enter an empty house and there is no one waiting for me

I miss you

Curling up on the sofa, watching a movie, binging on ice cream

I miss you

As i lie alone in bed, looking out the window at that emptiness

Dreaming of tight hugs and kisses

I miss you

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