At the stroke of midnight…


You hold the glass upside-down and try to lick off the last of whatever spirit it is that you are drinking. Your head is heavy, the music around you is fading. Almost like you’re brain is shutting down. But not so fast. The party has just started. There’s almost about 30 other people with you in that tiny smoking room. They are all happy high, screaming, shouting, and hardly can manage to hold their glasses upright. There’s no space for you to stand. You hold your head with both hands and sit exactly where you are. Your dress is too short so you pull it down not to attract too much attention. In your head, you are cursing your best friend to suggest you to wear this outfit tonight. She said it would look savvy and your guy would dig it. Talking about my guy…. Where is he???

You manage to gather all the strength left in you and push the door open. The dance floor is so trippy. Green and blue strobe lights hitting your eye. It’s too damn bright. You put one hand over your eyes and walk ahead grabbing anything around to keep you standing. The DJ was an attractive looking lady in her late 30’s. Till you manage to reach the bar, she’s saying something and everyone around has stopped dancing. All the men tuck their woman closer to themselves. Shit! The countdown has begun. You start to panic as the numbers are decreasing. Think….think….think…..!

You have exactly 7 seconds to find him. Your eyes are moving upto 120 milliseconds faster than usual. The crowd is blurring and there you see a man in a black shirt. His first two buttons open, he’s holding a glass of Glenfiddich (his favourite). Almost 10 steps away, he is looking straight at you. You get up and both of you walk towards each other. Now you are finally appreciating the dress your bestie chose for you, you feel sexy as he is looking at your waist, you can finally be happy about getting into the new year with this man. It’s been only 2 months you have been dating, but something about it feels right tonight as all you want is the kiss. It’s every girls dream! Well, we are indoors so the chances of his lips locking into yours under a starry night with firecracker going crazy all around is slim, but what the hell.

3….2….1…. HAPPY NEW YEAR! The crowd cheers raising a toast. He is so bloody close to you. You are both nervous as the breathing gets faster. His one arm is wrapped around your hip, grabbing you a little tighter. Your arms are around his neck. This is it. You need it. He leans forward and you do too. He comes closer and whispers into your ear, “I want you this year, the next, and all of them in the future. I want you to be my forever.” You smile and before you know it, your eyes are shut and you are kissing the man you are in love with. The memory of how you met flashes back in your brain. You can taste his whiskey and you swore to god this is the kiss you want to wake up to every morning for the rest of your life.





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