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Curls or Straight hair? Little did I know, one silly Instagram story would bring us here. He was around all along. I did not have a clue. We studied together in the same college for three years. We had mutual friends and spoke very little.

Five years ago, on the first new years eve, when I felt oh! so independent being away from home, we decided to head out to a local bar. As we all lived out of a budget in our college days, 2000 rupees with full cover was a great deal. It was winter time and the city of Pune had beautiful weather all year round. The place had an open garden with a huge bar. Pretty white lights hanging from trees. There were families and also the younger crowd. The city was mostly crowded with students, which did not give the feeling of being away from home for the first time. We were three guys and two girls. He wore a black shirt with denim. His hair was beautifully gelled with a visible partition. He carried off his goatee with so much swag. Very prim and proper. I was not ready to date or be in a relationship back then, as I was discovering so much more about myself and being free. The first thing we did, was order tequila shots and then the drinking got crazy! Before I give you the visuals of what everyone was up to after 12 am, let me get back to this mystery man. As a kid, his dad was employed with a government job and hence he changed a lot of schools and cities. He had never witnessed the party life before this night. I, on the other hand did party but in limits with close friends and family. I was pretty high after a few pegs. In my defense, I was a newbie too. I do not remember this episode at all, but as narrated to me, I asked him for a dance. I did not know that I was his FIRST DANCE. Thinking of it now, it makes so much sense. Anyway, we did not have a close dance, but more like swaying to the music being all happy high. As we danced, this man sitting on his chair pukes all over his arms. That got us so uncomfortable and we got back to our seats. We ate a lot. Maybe that was why I was even there in the first place. Always a freeloader. The countdown started and we gathered around. 10…9…8… and 1….! Happy New Years!!! We hugged each other and I felt like I had found zen. Life back in college was so much more than just studies and growing up, it was about being you. Taking life as it comes. Friends were family, they were all I had to keep me sane. We wished the people around us. He came around and I formerly shook his hand and greeted him. He smiled and wished me too. He had this depth in his voice. It was coarse and deep. I loved it. We got onto our bikes. He sat with a friend and I was behind another guy on the bike. We had this silly game that we played. In a lonely street, we would reduce our speed and hit a random person walking and then zoom away. I did that with him on his friends bike. As I was very much into some parallel universe, I was demanding for a bunch of balloons at three o’ clock in the night. He found this balloon guy and got me a couple. That really took my breath away. Ugh! Such a gentleman!

After this detailed episode, we did meet a couple of more times at a cafe near our college, or just in the Beggars lane. The name was given to an alley inside of our campus as students would laze around there the whole day doing everything else, than attending classes. We did not exchange numbers. We were well-connected on every social media platform and silently judged each post and genuinely liked the artsy ones. College was over and it was time for me to head home. Still oblivious about each other, we kept zero contact.

Just a few months ago, before the curls story, I was being thoughtful and posted a story about ‘Dora the Adventurer’. Immediately I get a response from him correcting me that it was ‘Dora the Explorer’ and not the “Adventurer”. He did that in the most sweetest way not trying to sound rude or pompous. I was embarrassed and readily agreed to him. After this, I went back and checked his entire profile. He had such amazing posts. So much travelling and so much creativity. All his pictures were worth a million views. Within a weeks time, he posted a picture of him at one of the most beautiful places in India. The picture had his face covered with a manly beard, a tent, beautiful pine trees in the distance, covered with snow. Snow!!!!! I have never witnessed being frozen and seeing white everywhere. I fell for that picture. So hard! I commented on his post about his beard, not trying to sound too flirty. Had to keep some integrity. He replied oh so sweetly and that was that. Again in a few days time, he happened to send me a picture of  a ‘Dora the Explorer’ game that he saw while shopping and could not help but rub it in my face. I was smiling like a jackass.

The conversations got regular and the sound of an Instagram notification would distract me. I would leave everything that I was doing just to reply to him. We talked about college days, about mutual friends, about everything under the sun. Quite impressed to learn that he was doing well in life and that we connected on so many different levels. It is too soon but also a very surreal feeling to have what we have. He practically lives 8,564 km away with a 5 hour time zone difference. It is difficult for me to fathom being in touch with anyone in a different city, this is another continent entirely.

Being able to have what we have is such a new experience for me. Exploring the greatness of each other, always complimenting each other, having those butterflies every time we say something, finishing each other’s sentences, understanding what we want to say with just a nod, having date nights being away from each other, karaoke drunk nights and singing out loud to our hearts content. Maybe, just maybe this is what finding your soul mate feels like. I had been so skeptical about sharing or being comfortable about expressing myself. So many apprehensions life had dawned on me. But with this man, life just seems less complicated, more happier, at peace and every beautiful feeling I can experience in such less time. Just imagining to finally meet him, gives me the jitters. Love always deserves a second chance. Live for the little moments, you do not know what you may stumble upon!

-to all the hopeless romantics.

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