As a young kid, I was fascinated by aliens and all that jazz. I was introduced to sci-fi by ET. But then came along this Bollywood movie called “Koi mil gaya” starring the famous Hrithik Roshan and Preity Zinta. I still remember I had gone to watch that with my family. It was about a mentally challenged boy Rohit, who meets an alien and then his life changes. He gets a chick and gets popular in his locality. He was obsessed with Bournvita which is also my fav drink till now. He had friends who were like way younger to him and the popular kids of his age would mock him. The most fascinating part was that his father was a scientist and had left back a musical device. Back then even before EDM was introduced, Rohit was nailing it by playing a particular tone which accidentally called upon aliens. As if they had nothing better to do than land in India which already lacks vampires and spirits unlike America. He discovered this and kept him hidden. His friends and his mom knew about the Alien and kept a very obvious name for him – Jaadu! Jaadu had the capability to gain power from the sun. He got a real cute costume too and all he said in the entire movie was “dhoop”. Now enters the hot chick who comes to the beautiful place of Kasaul and is overtly excited about everything around her. Her fiancé and friends keep playing pranks with Rohit and bully him. The chick felt sympathetic and befriended Rohit. Now even Jaadu notices that Rohit will remain a virgin forever and something needs to be done about it. He gives him all his power and in an instant Rohit turns into this amazing looking man with super shiny clothes and desi wala Swag! He does not stammer anymore and does not needs his specks. He goes to a club with Preity Zinta and has this killer dog style dance move which is still famous in India. With very poor VGI graphics, they show him flying over a pole and almost dancing upside down. After he hopefully gets laid, there’s a scene of a basketball game where Rohit takes Jaadu in a bag and brilliantly wins the game and no one wonders how this guy is acing it. Accidently Jaadu falls from the bag and the cops notice him. They try to find him. They go till Rohits house and arrest them. After a lot of fake tears and strategies, Rohit finally plays the EDM tune again and manages to send Jaadu back to his land. But what happens is Jaadu takes back all of Rohits power leaving him to be the bullied Bournvita boy yet again! I mean why would the alien be so selfish right? It’s a Bollywood movie afterall. I have to admit my entire family was in tears when they watched the movie and i was baffled. After really long I sat down to watch the movie and thought of sketching something new. I wish I too had supercool powers and an alien friend myself.

Hope you enjoyed this filmy version of ET… until next time


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