A little sparrow!

To be honest, I have been super sucky at blogging. When I started off, I thought I would treat this as my personal journal and jot down all my daily activities and observations daily. But ended up posting last on October 30. Almost 2 months later, I realized that I have a habit of not continuing something I start with all the enthusiasm. 

I have also come up with the conclusion of sketching / painting almost regularly. Hence the decision to post all of them here. I would love for the feedbacks as I’m a beginner and really do it just for venting out my own frustration and it helps me. The corporate life has sucked all the energy from me and this is how I rest my brain.

Since the winters are here, I recovered an old notepad at home and randomly stared out my window. This little sparrow came by and sat on a branch entertaining me for almost an hour. This a charcoal sketch and an attempt at shading.


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