I froze at that very moment. I was elated thinking that he felt the same way that I have been feeling since the day I set my eyes upon him. But also questions like “Hey, I’m a Hindu and you – a Muslim. Will this ever happen as our society decides differently?” I brushed all the negative thought bubbles aside and replied very curtly Thank You and ran back home. Immediately our love spread like wildfire. We could not be without each other. We met every other day and our honeymoon period felt like neverending. Soon I got a job through the newspaper column and it was officially my first job in Muscat and I couldn’t be happier. The post was that of a Marketing executive and the company was nuclear at its initial phase. We took care of events, ,marketing, promotions and whatever we could grab on. I loved every day of my job. My boss is till date one of the coolest I had. There’s something about mallus that I instantly can connect with. He also soon found a job and both of us got really busy with our lives but never forgot to see each other or send out cheesy love texts and calls for hours. Once I was having a high fever and could not move. I skipped work and was at home. Suddenly the bell rang and mom said that you’re friend is here to see you. It was him and this time he was at my bedroom door. He got oranges and some juice for me. I was almost teary thinking how can someone be so sweet. What had I done to deserve all this love. It was our one month anniversary and though I believe in completing a decade to actually make sure we sustained, this time  wanted to make this one really special for him. I wrote a few poem cards hinting at the places we first met, the first movie we watched and all sorts of memories we had already made in such a  short span of time. He had to guess them right and then he would get these tiny gifts. To my surprise, he guessed them all right and that was a happy day! Our first kiss was one hell of a night. We usually would go out for long drives if both of us had stressful days at work. This time we went to one of the hills where we would just park our car, walk till the very edge and hang out drinking and smoking. We were mushy in holding hands, kissing and hugging kind of a way but we both never dared to take the next leap. For some reason that day I knew I had to make the move as this guy right here would not. The stars were brightly lit. It was a soothing weather and I struck a conversation about our past relationships and how they were. He told me most of his ended up in vain as the girls got married and left him. I on the other hand had too much to say about all my relationships starting with casual ones to live ins. He was startled and I asked him if he was a virgin. I know this was very stereotype kind of question but for me then knowing was not important at all rather getting the spark started. He told me that this was a secret only I would come to know of. He confessed never going beyond kissing a woman. I felt so calm inside for some reason and he leaned in towards me whispering in my ears that I was the one he had been looking for and he would never let me go. We kissed then and it was something. We headed back to his car and pushed back our seats. He clearly looked nervous but our kiss got more passionate and our hands more free. We explored our bodies and things got heated up real quick. I could not pull myself together and a tear rolled down my cheek. I was in the seventh heaven imagining this one man was all mine. We knew we could bear each other for the rest of our lives.

A month passed onto a year and we had a lot of ups and downs. Our fights would just result in me blasting him away, him not receiving my calls and the next day we would apologize and make up for it. Sometimes our fights would last for days but not more than a week. We generally fought over him not giving me time.  My whole world would revolve around him. He was supportive of everything I wanted to do. We also had our best days. From celebrating occasions to anniversaries to birthdays we did it all in grand ways. Since I was a sucker for Spiderman, he surprised me with the first day first show tickets of Amazing Spiderman I. As he was a health freak, he ended up quitting on smoking and we would jog and go for runs together. From laughing on the silliest things to crying about our sorrows, we were by each others side all along. Life was perfect…. Until now. He started to get more involved in his job. This distracted me eb=ven from my work and I started to get needy which led to more fights. Now that I think of it, those were pretty lame fights. I would often wonder why he would not introduce me to his brothers at least. For me it was pretty much my neighbours knowing who he was. He kept reassuring me that when the time would come he would directly tell his parents about me. I was just 23 and was in nor hurry to get hitched. He was four years elder to me and I was just looking out for that 1% of acceptance from his family. By the end of 2015, my visa was expiring and I was frantically looking for a permanent job. The one I presently was working with could not provide me with one. Even he was trying for me but all the companies needed a driving license. It’s like hey you, what’s the B.com useful for… go get a license. That was a bigger degree in Muscat more than anything else. I was very close to getting a job in one of the leading print media houses there but due to some situations, I could not accept that and had to return to India forever. That’s when I got really desperate and literally would do anything to stay with him. My father still had a few more years till he retired. So mom and dad stayed back while I came to Kolkata. He dropped me off at the airport and we had our final goodbyes deciding on texting, calling and video chatting everyday and how he would keep trying to get me something there and all that jazz. Just a few weeks before I left, I asked him to speak to his parents about me. The scene he described was pretty comical to me but then again this is how it went. He sat at home with a very serious face and called his whole family to have a talk. I mean who even does that. Thats ticking off the bomb yourself. Anyway, he showed my picture and told them about me. They liked me. Until he blurted out that I was Hindu. Immediately the scene changed. The room got serious and his mom immediately said that this would not be possible and they will start searching a bride for him. His father on the other hand was supportive. His parents also had to go for a short visit to Kerala and his father promised to talk about this when they got back.

Time passed and we kept going strong. Once he almost said that why don’t we run away. Weird and too filmy right. So even I suddenly got fully traditional and said that without our parents permission, we would do nothing. Now I regret. We should have totally run away together. I kept asking him if his parents had changed their mind. And he would reply the same thing saying not YET. One day all of a sudden he started speaking to me very rudely and he changed. We started fighting almost everyday. Things were just not right. After a week or two, he told me the entire scenario. His parents came back from India and showed him a few prospective girls. They emotionally turned him to believe that he is the eldest in the family and if he would go rebel marrying a woman outside his cast then this would not set a good example for his younger brothers. Of Course he would listen to his parents. Who would not right? Love does not overcome everything. HE immediately asked me to forget about him. It was hard, I kept on begging, pleading, fighting, practically trying to make myself understood, but nothing worked. I fell into depression soon. Also being away from home made it easier without any human connect. We drifted apart but once in a month I would break down and miserably wait for a miracle. By last year December he called me up to tell me that he found a girl and is getting married by next year summer. I was shattered. We tried talking as friends but the emotions would just grow back. I have no idea how many times I dreamt of crashing his wedding. I mean why to give false promises and hopes when you know your religion would be your biggest barrier. My mom knew the entire saga and was supportive of me. She too believed all my tries would end in vain.

I tried dating a few times after him but nothing could even possibly come close to the spark we shared. I do not care but I shall be waiting for him for eternity because love happens only once. Rest are all compromises.

Thank you for reading this. I would love for you to share some of your anecdotes about how much of a hopeless romantic were you!

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    1. Hello there. Thank you for reading .. yes sadly, we need to understand the differences and let the world unfurl. With time maybe for the best. 🌸


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