Did you know that 45% of Muslims marry outside of their faith. It is a common practise that this “interfaith” marriage problem is solved by conversion of the non-Muslim fiancee to Islam.  


I took almost a day to accept his request as I did not want to come across as a desperate crazy woman. We started to have random, not that frequent conversations over text. He happened to be flying back to Muscat a week before I did. So we jokingly decided on meeting after that. My Pune journey came to an end and I was a little sad to leave all my friends who turned out to be like family for me but also was excited to welcome a fresh new chapter of life. I was also super stoked about meeting with him. 

I returned looking dark, super thin, my lips were brown due to the sudden fashion of smoking. Basically I looked different. My parents came to welcome me at the airport and I stood right in front of them and they could not recongnize me. It was a ritual for them to carry one shwarma from the best Shwarma place and one Costa coffee as I craved for such things back in India. An NRI would never be comfortable in the fancy food of India. Not after they had tasted the Gulf food. Anyhow the journey back home was long and the drive was just soothing. Dad played on his favorite classical instrumental of Bhimsen Joshi and mom updated me with all her latest gossip of what her friends did at the party and how far whose kids got in life. You’ve got to love the typical indian families. Suddenly my phone pings with a text. I thought it would be one of my besties. But they had already called me screaming in the highest decible and also planning when to meet and where. The text was from him. It said “Welcome home! Lets meet!”. I was laughing like a lunatic. I instantly replied and asked to meet the next day. He said he would come pick me up and I told him not exactly where I lived but somehwere closeby. The next day after a long sleep in my Spiderman Blanket (which is my most favorite possession till date) and having lots of yummy bengali cuisine, I finally realised that I had just a few hours before I had to meet with him. Since I’ve always been not much of a make up person, it took me a while to look simple. Finally he called and I went jumping and hopping to a parking lot near my house. He was waiting in the car and as I entered, my heart skipped a beat just looking at him. He was wearing this black jacket and a V neck purple colour Tshirt inside of it with shredded jeans. He and the car both smelled amazing. He wanted to taste some authentic bengali sweets so I got some for him and his family. Anyway, we drove around till this really busy beach which is mostly famous for movie theatres, sheesha joints and also a few good cafes and eateries areived. The entire drive was of me giggling like a toddler. The road was so familiar like I knew it at the back of my hand. But this time with him it felt like brand new. I was loving it. Talking about his India trip, his friends and what all stupid things he did back in college. We reached the beach but chose to sit in a more secluded part of the beach where in the morning people would come fishing and also sometimes late in the evening. We sat on a long cold marble slab. The mid of September was quite chilly then. We kept on having cigarettes with a can of soft drink and god knows how the entire evening passed on till my parents had to call to make me realise it was almost about 11 in the night. That was just the start. We started hanging out pretty often as both of us had nothing to do. The places would change and our conversations would get deeper. I met his friends and all of us would hang out together. On his birthday I remember gifting him a hand drawn Captain America card. He was nice enough to treat my friends for lunch. I was the last person he dropped home. And I didnt know what would be a friendly gesture to see him off. So i kissed him on the cheek and gave the gifts. He was never the expressive kinds, but the smile on his face was so warm and I knew that he loved them. New year arrived and Mr. Handsome was so chivalrous to come to my house to pick me up. As soon as he entered my home, we were having a small gathering and lots of family friends were present. My father being the Cool dad, asked him for a drink. He readily denied as he would honestly not drink much. Later we went out with another friend of his and that was my first New years eve after puburty where I did not drink. Rather we cut a cake and drank strawberry milk. 

One evening we had no plans of meeting and post dinner, my parents got into a brawl and they just wouldn’t stop. I was so annoyed so I sat in my room listening to music. He texted me to ask if I could come out of my house for 5 mins to meet as he was at a friends place nearby. It was just the messege I was waiting for. I readily accepted. My parents were so engrossed in their high pitched voices that they did not even notice me gone. This was almost mid of Jan and we had to wear jackets. He was asusual looking amazing. I told him about what was happening at home and for some reason I broke down to tears. He was so concerned. He held me close and we hugged. He told me to keep calm and that these things keep happening. We must not get weak. At that point all I could see was the bright moon, the huge stars and this amazingly beautiful man who is more than 6 feet taller than me staring right into my eyes. The moment was right. Just then what I thought in my head almsot everyday happened. We kissed. I had to get up on my toes to reach his lips. It wasn’t my first kiss but this felt absolutely different. He held me from my back, I caught onto his shoulders, and at first we just pecked. But then his upper lip explored my lower one and our tongues played around. I could taste him and so could he. We froze for a while just looking into each others eyes. I was nervous realizing I shouldn’t have reciprocated. I told him that I had to leave and as I was about to walk away, he caught my hand and said those three magical words. I LOVE YOU!
Watch out my column for Part III and what my reply was. If you’re enjoying these romantic anecdotes please do leave your comments below. 

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